AWT STORZ (Switzerland)

Innovative AWT devices – acoustic wave therapy for the correction of cellulite, local fat deposits and rejuvenation. A technology that has no analogues, with instant results and ease of use for the doctor and know-how procedures.

Each procedure is a special, trend-specific protocol for the most frequently requested services.

Why choose?
It's no secret that clients come for results, and in 85% of patients (both men and women) there are 4 main trigger zones: belly, hips, blurry oval face, jowls . Swiss precision and innovation for a local solution: the most trendy procedures. Real-time diagnostics to track results. High utilization guarantee: a device aimed at solving those aesthetic imperfections that really concern your patients.

A unique device with patented AWT technology, which is specifically designed to solve these problems through innovative acoustic wave therapy. Thus, the device allows you to generate a constant, stable flow for procedures, increasing the workload in your center.

Procedures on the AWT device:

Brazilian PUSH UP buttocks without surgery

An ideal silhouette, like stars and fitness bloggers , in just a few procedures.


Innovative 3D technology for eliminating cellulite of any complexity ( I-IV including fibrous).

IDEAL WAIST 90x60x90

Acoustic waves have an immediate effect and eliminate fat deposits, especially in such difficult areas for girls as the abdomen and waist – where other technologies are powerless.

Non-surgical mommy tummy

Elimination of a fatty roll on the abdomen after childbirth and after sudden weight loss, as well as maintaining the effect after liposuction .

V-lifting FACE

Procedures specifically designed to gently and non-invasively tighten this particular area.

Natural contouring , baby face

An effective, non-invasive technology for restoring the contour of the lower third of the face with a rejuvenating effect.

AFTER-party: an innovative procedure for the eye area

The delicate area around the eyes is treated with an exclusive protocol that reduces and smoothes so-called expression lines one after another.

LEGS FOR A MILLION (creating the ideal shape of legs)

The local program allows you to model the contour of the legs, as well as remove such difficult-to-work areas: the area around the knees, swelling in the calves and lower legs, unevenness on the hips. AWT Acoustic Wave Therapy targets these areas, activating the natural functioning of lymph and blood vessels, reducing volume, improving contours and relieving fatigue.


AWT technology improves lymph outflow, blood circulation, and most importantly accelerates metabolic processes, which in turn strengthens and tightens the skin.

For the first time, acoustic wave technology delivers non-invasive facial and body treatments and incredible results with the ability to track results in real time.

  • In-demand procedures with amazing results
  • All season
  • Atraumatic
  • High clinical results without the need for rehabilitation and special preparation of the patient
  • Swiss quality and world patent
  • Non-invasive
  • Full personalization
  • Mobility and quick payback
  • 2 in 1 device: face and body
  • Fast procedures

BodyMetrix technology will make it possible to perform a before and after body analysis to clearly demonstrate the high efficiency of the equipment and amazing results.

Innovative equipment, ideal for:

  • aesthetic medicine clinics
  • for beauty salons and studios
  • mini-clinics and slimming centers
  • resorts
  • centers of nutrition and preventive medicine
  • wellness centers and medical spa
  • Fitness projects and rehabilitation centers


Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, Body Shaping 2011
Correspondence: Maurice Adatto, 5, Rd-Pt Plainpalais, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety AWT®, combining two different mechanical waves, flat AWT and radial AWT during one session, to reduce the volume of the buttocks in women. Methods: 14 patients participated in the study; the effect was exerted on the buttock area using CELLACTOR® SC1 (Storz Medical AG, Tegervilen, Switzerland) using the technology of extracorporeal pulse activation EPAT®. This device includes two handpieces: C-ACTOR® and D-ACTOR®. Eight sessions of AWT® procedures were performed with both applicators during 4 weeks. Control visits were conducted 1, 4 and 12 weeks after the last session.


Results: Measurements using an ultrasound system clearly demonstrate a significant decrease in the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer and a decrease in the average circumference of the hips.
Conclusions: this study, despite the fact that it was conducted on a small number of patients, demonstrates the safety and effectiveness of AWT® in the treatment of LVH in a non-invasive way. Also, in addition to reducing the manifestations of cellulite, patients noted an increase in skin elasticity due to the use of AWT®

We offer a range of advanced AWT devices by STORZ MEDICAL for personalized treatments:

AWT D-ACTOR 200 ULTRA (D-ACTOR® 200 »ultra«): Experience body and face treatments utilizing vacuum technology, vibrotherapy, and radial acoustic waves. This device is ideal for addressing various concerns effectively. AWT DUOLITH SD1 T-TOP ULTRA (DUOLITH® SD1 T-TOP »ultra«): Enjoy body and face treatments using planar acoustic waves, specifically designed to target your aesthetic needs and provide remarkable results.
AWT DUOLITH SD1 TOWER ULTRA (DUOLITH® SD1 TOWER »ultra«): Benefit from body and face treatments incorporating defocused acoustic waves, radial acoustic waves,vacuum therapy, and vibrotherapy. This comprehensive device offers a holistic approach to address a wide range of cosmetic concerns. With our state-of-the-art AWT devices, we can customize your treatments to suit your specific goals and deliver exceptional outcomes.