Shows the thickness of the localized fat layer and thickness muscle layer throughout
the course of treatments
  • allows clearer vision of the subcutaneous tissues,
  • allowing professionals to apply personalized protocols against each defects saving monitoring the results of each patient
The adipometer is an ultrasound that makes a two-dimensional scan of the anatomical areas whose structural and morphological characteristics are to be assessed.

The stratigraphy allows there to be an objective investigation of the adipose composition. It supplies an initial anamnesis and a constant monitoring of the treatment, allowing maximum personalization of the treatment. It's a 2D photograph of the tissue. It analyses the layers of the tissue, dividing and breaking down the adipose layers: superficial fat, deep fat and muscle fascia. It analyses the quality and thickness in millimeters of the superficial, deep fat and muscle fascia. Using this method, it is possible to understand how to best apply the AWT® acoustic wave equipment, adjusting the intensity of the treatment according to the desired result.

Thanks to this tool and to the graphic reproduction with different colours of the stratigraphy, it is therefore possible to make a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the tissue (depending on where the colour is positioned, it may have different indications):
WHITE: intense signal, deep subcutaneous fat "DAT" macrostructure (low quality muscle);
BLACK: no signal, tonic muscle, presence of extra cellular liquids;
BLUE/DARK BLUE: Based on the intensity of the signal, it is possible to interpret the quality of the tissue (oxygenated tissue or excess fluid in the tissue).

Precise quantification of the fat lets you make the right of treatment choice and therefore optimising your work and more satisfaction for your customer who will also appreciate your great professionalism.

Given that it is fundamental to have a basic knowledge of anatomy to be able to use the adipometer, its correct functioning requires the use of an ultrasound gel. When operating, always keep the instrument perpendicular to the tissue. When running always keep the instrument perpendicular to the tissue.