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Communications and Key Points of Relationships with Patients in Clinics, Medical Spas, Slimming Centers and Beauty Salons

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  • Date: 16.05.2023
  • Price: 250
  • AED Time: 10.30
  • Location: Jumeirah Road, Sunset Mall, Office 25, 2nd FlooR
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price: 250 AED

Don't miss a special event - 16.05.2023!

We invite you to an exclusive seminar by SMART AGE TECH.

⚠️RSVP deadline: 14th of May

an exclusive seminar by SMART AGE TECH

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At the event

• Clients experience and behavior
• Expectations and reality
• Communication, cooperation and client attraction

Key points of services and products selling in clinics, medical spas, slimming centers and salons
• Staff training
• Retail generation
• Key sales results indicators and ways to achieve them

Especial attention during the staff training:
• Talent management, staff training and development: specifics and conditions
• Sales techniques for products and/or services

Differences between various schemes of staff payment. Pluses and minuses.
• Salary. Key features and differences compared with another hospitality business activities.
• Complex staff incentive program from cleaning staff to management. Financial incentives and non-financial motivation techniques.
• Rate of salary and sale fee.
• If you prefer to match consumables costs from the staff salary. Payroll scheme and practice experience.
• The Tariff system: definition, description and practical application
• Non-financial motivation.

Gathering of guests: 10.30
Seminar starts at: 11.00
RSVP:+971 58 685 95 59