Designed for men and women looking for a deep body-detox solution to effectively eliminate toxins (in particular heavy metals), or wanting to slim, regenerate their cells, boost skin rejuvenation (visible results even on the face) or for sports preparation and recovery.
Not only does the Iyashi Dôme provides a “healing” action, it also and above all provides a preventive action through far infrared rays. Detox, slimming, anti-ageing, improving sleep, recovering from
jet lag, relaxation, physical preparation and muscle recovery, brain detox, etc.
The benefits are numerous! For that matter, these benefits specific to the Iyashi Dôme technology have been measured
by clinical trials.
is equivalent to a 20-km run and to the elimination of approximately 1,200 milliliters



Far infrared radiation has wavelengths that range from 3 to 1,000 micrometres. Our body’s cells essentially respond to far infrared radiation with wavelengths between 4 and 25 micrometres. 

The Iyashi Dome offers the largest wavelength range on the market, with an emission of infrared radiation between 5 and 20 micrometres, the best match for the human body to absorb.

In order to emit its far infrared rays, the Iyashi Dome uses 100% “MADE IN JAPAN” technology called “Black Carbon”.

It was developed by a group of Japanese researchers and industrialists and is patented in Japan and the USA.

It is manufactured especially for the brand Iyashi Dôme with the highest standards of quality and robustness in order to provide professionals guaranteed productivity and durability.


Thanks to its very high density, our emission system evenly distributes far infrared radiation to the whole body.
Wenge wood table
Cream-coloured cushions + mattress
Pneumatic actuators
Remote control

3-year guarantee
CE Marking
Patented catalyst
Japanese – Italian – French technology
Length 225/235cm
Width 90cm
Height (table) 50cm
Net weight: 165kg (not including options)


Interior of domes: Black Carbon panel

Catalyst: ceramic/titanium – TiO2 Technology

Mattress: foam 50mm – 30 kg/m3

Polyurethane cover: customisable

Table: metallic structure + customisable wood lining


Power supply: 100 – 240V

Intensity: 940W/hour

(or 470W per session at maximum intensity)

(+ 90W for ID RenaiSens electric motors)

Power supply: electric control system
Thermal circuit-breaker: 5 thermal fuses 85°C
The human body has a constant temperature due to thermoregulation. In a healthy state, this temperature is approximately 36.6 degrees Celsius. This temperature corresponds to the infrared range of the light spectrum, therefore it is not perceived by the human eye. The human body partially emits this infrared energy, and also partially absorbs it.

With poor health, infectious diseases and inflammation, the body temperature changes, as a result of which the spectrum of its radiation also changes. In Japan, at the foot of the Sakurajima volcano, there is the resort town of Ibusuki, famous for its hot springs and sand baths. In which samurai who received various injuries in fights, as well as ordinary people who wanted to improve their health, came to be treated from ancient times with the help of this healing volcanic sand! All sick and crippled were buried in magical hot sand.

People just lay buried in hot volcanic sand for about 30 minutes. From which they came out already, healthy and full of strength! How does this phenomenon work? After numerous studies, Japanese scientists came to the conclusion that the reason for the miraculous power of sand is its properties! The fact is that heating this sand to a certain temperature causes it to emit an infrared light in a spectrum which corresponds to the radiation of a healthy human body.

And every cell of our body has no choice but to tune in to this relict frequency of health. And our cells are thus rejuvenated and healed! Everything turned out to be very simple, our body simply tunes in to the frequency of health, like a musical instrument is tuned to the sound of a tuning fork due to the resonance effect. But not every person who wants to do so can easily fly to Japan and dig into the sand for recovery.

Therefore, the Japanese oncologist Shoguro Uemura came up with a way to help all the suffering and sick, and just all people who want to stay young and healthy for many years. He created a special technology for processing this unique volcanic sand, placed this sand in a dome, heated it to a certain temperature, put a person under this dome and got the same effect. It turned out that the physical properties of silicon, which is contained only in this volcanic sand, are simply unique! The infrared radiation of the heaters passing through the crystal structure of the magic sand is structured in such a way that it has a positive effect on cells of our body, improving their metabolism.

Thanks to this, the body is freed from endogenous and exogenous toxins, salts of heavy metals, infectious agents and their decay products! Silicon-structured radiation penetrates deeply into tissues, warming up to a comfortable temperature of 38-39 degrees Celsius, which contributes to the production of its own interferon and increased immunity. And also by accelerating the blood supply in the tissues, which allows you quickly remove from the body everything that cells have been accumulating for years!