Examples of programs you might offer to our customers using our technologies
Is progressive treatment based on series of special physical exercises to resolve the problem of muscle loading deficit leads to muscle atrophy. muscle atrophy is one of the main reasons of metabolic diseases and useful elements deficits, so the main purpose of treating is deep muscles recovering, metabolism improvement and total rehabilitation.
Necessary to understand that kinesiotherapy requires personally approach. So doctor offers you
individual treatment program based on the patient's age, physical form, health history and progressive diseases.
  • Musculoskeletal problems & Diseases, such as osteochondrosis, postural disorders, hernia, scoliosis, flat foot and spinal's pain control.
  • Rehabilitation after surgical treatments, after vertebral compression fractures or arthroplasty joints replacement.
  • As recovering treatment therapy after ischaemic stroke.
General consultation with recovering medicine specialist
Physiotherapeutic examination of musculoskeletal system and postural reflexes.
Personal practice with active recreation coach
Therapeutic applications on the back zone
I-Moove personalized trainings
Special body wraps and tapes with strong algae and pattented extracts by Fabbrimarine
Targeted treatment to release pain and promote natural activity AWT (Storz Medical)