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XX Patch

XX Patch

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Price on request

Our online store of cosmetology cosmetics and wellness medical supplies offers quality products from Icoone Laser, Iyashi Dome, AWT Storz Medical, PelviPower, Sharplight, I-MOOVE, Icepod, BodyMetrix™, and many more brands. Due to great expertise and 25+ years of experience in the wellness market, SMART AGE TECH can offer products that are effective and popular with customers and help start-up entrepreneurs in Dubai equip spas, resorts, and medical clinics with the most advanced technology. We can also assist in expanding services and business revamping.

What products can we provide you with?

You can order the following items:

This is a great way to get everything you need to start providing services to your clients in one place.

Medical aesthetic technologies

Medical aesthetic technologies

These are innovative modern wellness solutions that help clients solve the problems of excess weight, loose skin, and cellulite, as well as improve muscle tone and lymph flow and accelerate recovery from illness.

We offer cryo capsules, chairs, multi-functional platforms, and equipment for non-invasive laser treatments.

This is what will allow your clients to stay awake, beautiful, self-confident, in good shape, and in excellent health.

Wellness equipment

This is what no spa or fitness center is without. We offer quality massage tables and anatomical and floating beds. In addition, at SMART AGE TECH, you can order equipment for various water procedures. We provide:

  • Whirlpool Bath
  • Vichy Rainbow Shower

Our wellness equipment is designed to enhance your clients’ experience, helping them relax, tone muscles, improve blood and lymph flow, and relieve stress in a comfortable atmosphere.

Wellness equipment

Professional cosmeceuticals

Professional cosmeceuticals

Our online store of cosmetology cosmetics offers solutions in the form of gels, creams, and other products.

These are safe spa cosmetics used for cleansing, toning, and nourishing the skin, body and facial modeling, thalassotherapy, and other treatments. Products increase the effectiveness of the impact of devices and massage, care for the skin, fight cosmetic defects, and protect from the aggressive sun and toxins.

Each product on the site has a detailed description with a list of effects and indications for use.

To place an order in our online store of cosmetology cosmetics and wellness medical supplies, you need to contact our specialists. You can call or Email us. You can also order a callback by filling out a special form on the site.