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Thalasso Self Heating Mud


Thalasso Self Heating Mud

1,5 kg
Article: I81503 tag line: Thalasso
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Refil the body with calcium and other minerals, activates the movement of plasma, normalizes all types of metabolism, has a muscle relaxant and analgesic effect, as well as a healing effect in rheumatic diseases.

A complete line inspired by Thalassotherapy to combat body imperfections. An accredited theory, according to which life originated from the sea, explains the close biological connection that exists between mankind and the marine environment; human cells behave like long algae, human blood osmosis imitates the salt-ions exchanges of sea water. With the THALASSO line, Fabbrimarine reunites the human body to the sea, rich source of the psycho-physical balance lost over time.

The combination of marine and vegetal active ingredients improves body beauty and comfort, while rosemary and mint essential oils provide a pleasant feeling of freshness and wellness. The blend of marine extracts has a relaxing and draining effect and helps bring lightness and wellness to the legs.

Use in accordance with the protocol of procedures.