Reviews from The Hotel Show exhibition

We are delighted to announce that Smart Age successfully participated in The Hotel Show exhibition.

During the event, the company showcased its innovative products:

– Icoone®, featuring 75 programs for face and body, suitable for men, women (including pregnant women), and teenagers. Icoone® Laser is a global bestseller, featured in top centers around the world.

– PELVIPOWER™ device, designed for training the pelvic floor muscles and strengthening the musculoskeletal system through “repetitive peripheral muscle stimulation” (RPMS).

– Thermo-Spa, a unique installation offering a floating (weightlessness) effect and hydromassage with acoustic waves. It is designed for non-contact hydromassage, hydroacoustic massage, chromotherapy, cosmetological and dermatological treatments, seaweed wraps, mud therapy, and thalassotherapy, among other aesthetic treatments

and more.


Exhibition visitors were impressed by the company’s high-tech devices and expressed their support for the development of technologies that enhance comfort and health, particularly in the UAE.

Smart Age also received numerous positive reviews from participants, who praised the company’s involvement in the event and highlighted the importance of advancing technologies aimed at improving the quality of life.