•General consultation at the beginning and at the end of the program with a special BodyMetrix measurements diagnostics (by AWT, Storz Medical)
•Consultation with trainer with health assessment & Personal recommendations

•Personal training according to specialist's prescriptions (Exercises using i-Moove platform)

•Detox & Slim massage (Manual massage with concentrated using Fabbrimarine products) steaming & Body wrapping Detox & Slim (a la cart system)

•Algae wrapping talasso slim, slim, drainage treatment and body lifting by Fabbrimarine

•Body shaping. Infrared cryo lifting and thermolifting SharpLight

•Personalized treatment to for cellulite reduction AWT by Storz Medical

Iyashi Dome treatment for overall Detox

•Individual health maintaining program after treatment sessions
The treatment including:
Examples of programs you might offer to our customers using our technologies