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The IYASHI DOME detox module is a unique Japanese development that creates a pleasant and absolutely safe and biological activation for humans for natural detoxification.
The literal translation - means DOME OF HEALTH - and the installation is aimed and focused on full detoxification.
The system acts on the body through the sebaceous glands and endocrine glands, which lead to the purification of cholesterol, fatty acids, heavy metals and toxins.
During the 30-minute treatment, you lie down in the module, relax, and after that you feel and look YOUNGER and Better.
Each treatment in the IYASHI DOME capsule will provide your clients with:
• Weight loss Anti age therapy (weight loss - from 1 session from 800 g to 2.5 kg)
• Detoxification and improvement of the body’s health
• Metabolism activation
• Normalization of sleep
• Anti-stress therapy
• Reducing the manifestations of psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema
• Elimination of the vascular wall

Business benefits:
• No consumables (only electricity)
• Does not require the presence (work of a specialist only turn on the device, it automatically turns off)
• Possibility to combine with other devices, spa procedures or manual massage
• Sessions can be held both daily and one-time to alleviate the condition
• Visible effect after the first and every treatment
• Short session - 30 minutes
• No pain ‚ overheating and discomfort for the client