BodyMetrix™ Ultrasound System

The BodyMetrix system is designed for layer-by-layer measurement of the thickness of the subcutaneous fat and muscle layer. BodyView software is designed to calculate the body mass index and optimally assess body composition.

The BodyMetrix™ System offers the same professional-grade ultrasound technology used by elite athletes and trainers.
• Shows the thickness of the localized fat layer and the thickness of the localized muscle layer
• Is designed to assess the intensity of metabolism (BMR)
• The BodyView software is designed to calculate waist-to-hip ratio (L/NV) and body mass index (BMI)
• Allows the user to create new client profiles, open existing client profiles, and navigate into demo mode, which can be used for quick measurements without adding a client to the database.
• BodyView can track changes over time and generate body composition reports
• You can search by customer ID, first name or last name.
• You do not need to enter the full name or client ID to search
• It is possible to control the software parameters and manage the client database



Thanks to the innovative 2D measurement function, the device “photographs” and compares the dimensions of the entire area of the body over time, which is an additional advantage for professionals who want to have an even wider and more detailed view of the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue


Thanks to the graphical measurement functions, the adipometer displays the thickness (in millimeters) of the various layers of the problematic area.

The result gives a clearer view of subcutaneous tissue, allowing professionals to apply personalized protocols to address specific problems.

Ultrasonic technology allows for quick, direct measurement of subcutaneous fat thickness without the need for unpleasant, unscientific manual tissue clamping. This guarantees an accurate measurement of all tissues, in which even small changes become apparent.

Client identification numbers are used to protect the privacy of the clients

Bodymetrics system includes 3D visualization to assess current body parameters and its composition. The user can select the desired weight and body fat percentage (BF%) to view a rough visualization of their future body.

Changing the weight and BF% will change the illustration accordingly.

It is important to note that BodyMetrix measures true tissue thickness, unlike calipers, which measure skin fold thickness, which can be 1-3 times true fat thickness.

The Activity Calculator is an accurate tool for calculating a client’s activity based on their basal metabolic rate. Activity-adjusted BMR is very important because it gives an accurate estimate of the average number of calories a client needs to consume per day to maintain their current weight.

Comparison of scan results in a course of procedures can be used to visually demonstrate the results to the client and evaluate the effectiveness of programs. “Trends” displays all recorded data on a line graph. Scan comparison is a simpler process and can be used to illustrate the benefits of diet and exercise programs.

Control of software parameters and management of the client’s database.