One of the market leaders in the production of hydromassage and balneo equipment.

Why choose TRAUTWEIN Balneo Equipment?

  • Trautwein is а leader in balneo and hydrotherapy for creating programs and packages of special programs from spa to rehabilitation. It was founded in 1928. For more than 90 years, it has remained a symbol of the highest professionalism, premium quality and luxury. Today the brand offers world hits, which are presented in the world's leading centers.
  • High physiotherapeutic results and proven effectiveness. Trautwein hydromassage equipment and other devices are means of showing excellent results. Customers are ready to return for treatments that make them feel healthier, younger, and more alert.
  • German quality. This reliable technology results from the brand's many years of experience in the market. The excellent quality allows Trautwein balneo equipment to be used for many years.


Types of Trautwein Balneo Equipment

The brand  specializes in the production of professional equipment for physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, balneology, SPA and patient care.

  • Therapeutic showers and baths;
  • Devices for fangotherapy;
  • Massage couches and tables;
  • Devices for hydrotherapy and pelotherapy.

World hits, which are presented in the world’s leading centers!

Thermo-Spa is a unique installation with a floating (weightlessness) effect and hydromassage with acoustic waves, designed for non-contact hydromassage, hydroacoustic massage, chromotherapy, cosmetological and dermatological treatment, seaweed wrap, mud therapy and thalassotherapy, as well as other types of aesthetic procedures.

HYDROXEUR® hydromassage baths are a special water supply system that uses a unique principle of mixing air with water. Provides high-quality underwater massage, but also has a therapeutic effect . All baths are made in premium design.

Vichy Shower – the line is represented by several stylish models, there are models with Swarovski crystals (scattering the light flux). The models have built-in 5 nozzles, which are gentle and effective, and for the first time combined with a phototherapy module. During procedures, you can add salts and aromatic oils to the water.

Charco showers are the ideal units for a new generation of physiotherapy. The shower unit is designed for performing hydrotherapeutic procedures. Convenient controls allow the specialist to easily carry out procedures, which ensures high-quality massage and therapy.

Trautwein's Brand Philosophy

Trautwein wellness systems are used in the following areas:

  • Hospitality and recreation.
  • Medical and preventive institutions.
  • SPA and Medical Spa.
  • Wellness and beauty sphere.
  • Private houses.

TRAUTWEIN Advantages

  • World brand.
  • German quality.
  • Convenience in use.
  • Efficiency.