Surround yourself with millions of the finest whirls of air and eddies, bathe in a rainbow of colourful lighting
and breathe in the finest fragrances. Enjoy the gentle music and massage, and bid the stress of your day
farewell. Pamper all your senses. Your regained sense of equilibrium will have a positive effect on every
aspect of your life. The Hydroxeur® is your very own therapist and offers complete relaxation with its wide
variety of functions
Bathing in our Hydroxeur® whirlpools is a treat for all your senses: up to 290 ergonomically arranged nozzles
provide an unusually intensive and bubbly massage. Emulating the skills of an experienced therapist, the
massage begins at the soles of your feet and makes its way up to your neck – continuing this pleasant fullbody experience for the duration of the programme.
With a Hydroxeur®, you can offer a wide variety of bath options. Be it a detox treatment, aromatherapy or
Thalasso therapy, all of which the Hydroxeur® is best equipped to handle. It is also available with special
fittings for thermal, mineral and seawater.
60 to 290 water and air nozzles offer optimum pulsating vibration and jet massage.
Anatomical massages according to the reflex zones. The nozzles are aimed towards the heart area.
Up to 8 water jet pumps for adding air.
A customised massage can be programmed.

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