The pleasant, relaxing and revitalising whole body shower treatments taken with a vichy shower have a long-standing tradition. They are especially well-proven in hydro and thalasso therapy, as well as in the fitness, spa and wellness centers. The regular, evenly applied shower can improve blood circulation resulting in enhanced oxygen transfer, plus purification and detoxication of the skin and internal organs. After a vichy rainbow shower you will feel relaxed, refreshed and your skin will feel tighter. The soul relaxes.


Unique shower pleasure through the high-quality treatment, the sophisticated technology and the exceptional design. The shower head is equipped with micro nozzles assembled in 2 rows. By admixing agents (such as dissolved salt or nurturing oils), the well feeling can even be increased. The water is flowing over sparkling swarovsky crystals, which diffuse the flicker-free led colour light on the body. The vichy rainbow shower needs 150-250 litres of water per treatment, which is the same as for a bath.
Range of use. The pleasant, relaxing and vitalising whole body shower treatments
With the vichy shower have a long standing tradition. They are especially well-proven in the hydro and thalasso therapy as well as in the cosmetics, fitness and wellness areas.

The regular, evenly-applied shower brings about a better blood circulation. The result is an enhanced oxygen transfer, a purification and detoxication of the skin and of the internal organs. The skin is regenerating and becomes tauter. The soul can release tension.


With the control, the duration of the reatment, the admixture of additives/salts and the disinfection is regulated. A thermostatic mixer with scald protection provides more security. By means of the hand key, the
Guest can integrate individual short cold shower phases into the treatment – they have a stimulating effect on the circulation.


The comfortable couch of complete plastic material is optimally suited for the wet area. The lying surface consists of high-quality, structured acrylic glass. The couch has a high degree of comfort due to the heightadjustable head board, the detached arm supports and the splash guard

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