Beauty Device Icoone Laser

Icoone® Laser is the only device in the world that provides multi-microalveolar connective tissue stimulation (MMAS) and provides visible results after first session. Three the most powerful technologies in one device: MMAS, cold laser lipolysis, and LED lifting.

Why choose:

  • From aesthetics to wellness, 46 programs for face and body, for men, women (including pregnant women) and teenagers.
  • Global bestseller, presented in the best centers of the world (such as Sha, La Prairie and others).
  • Absolute comfort and limitless possibilities for record low ROI and amazing results for your clients.
  • Unique technology for sustainable results, popular in over 40 countries
  • Patented robotic and micro handpieces
  • Visible and lasting results after the first session
  • Customized packages for personalized treatments.
  • Impact on the most delicate and sensitive areas, such as the paraorbital area around the eyes, nasolabial folds, décolleté, neck, inner surfaces of the arms and thighs, knees and ankles.
  • Daily sessions with no time limit.
  • 100% natural effect without pain and rehabilitation.


  • Up to 46 programs: body contouring, rejuvenation, lifting, detox and wellness
  • Payback from 4 months
  • Unlimited applications

The combined effect of multi-micro-alveolar action (MMAS Roboderm ), LED lifting and laser lipolysis provides rapid targeted effects.

Ideal for:

  • Aesthetic medicine clinics
  • For beauty salons and studios
  • Mini-clinics and slimming centers
  • Resorts and sanatoriums
  • Centers of nutrition and preventive medicine
  • Wellness centers and medical spa
  • Fitness and rehabilitation centers

Basic treatments:

  • Cellulite
  • Lifting of the face and décolleté area
  • Rejuvenation
  • Body shaping
  • Skin tightening
  • Leg Lightness
  • Remodeling
  • Toning
  • Drainage
  • Posture
  • Wellness
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Improved technology
Smaller and more compact
New design with illuminated logo
Even more performing microstimulators
Double Robomini for a symmetric action
4 new handpieces for even more customized treatments
New software
New software with a more intuitive user interface
Improved hardware
New focus programs for face and hands
Ergonomic handpiece
Holder to place the maniples
Larger display
Larger display 12"
Robosolo 15 650 microstimulations per a minute
Robosolo 15 650 microstimulations per a minute
Robotwins 21 600 microstimulations per a minute
Robotwins 21 600 microstimulations per a minute
Robomini Twins 14 400 microstimulations per a minute
Robomini Twins 14 400 microstimulations per a minute
Robomicro up to 13 400 microstimulations per a minute
Robomicro up to 13 400 microstimulations per a minute

We think everyone should get to know ICOONE. The device is really interesting and effective.
Yes, not every clinic can boast of such cosmetic equipment. But we ARTLEOCLINIC can.

Who needs ICOONE?

  • Anyone who doesn’t like the voluminous contours of the body
  • Who has problems with cellulite
  • Who doesn’t like to undress on the beach
  • Who tried hardware massage, but it hurt to tears and bruises remained
  • Who suffers from edema
  • Who does sports or vice versa, leads a sedentary lifestyle
  • Who has recently lost weight or had a baby
  • Who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Who just wants to relax after a hard week!
  • And especially for those who are afraid to do hardware procedures because of weak blood vessels or pregnancy. According to patient reviews, the results are visible after the first session, and after the course it takes an average of 3-4 cm from each zone.

But that’s not all.
The device not only has 36 programs for working with the body.
With small nozzles, we affect the decollete area, the face and even the area around the eyes:

  • We remove the second chin, bryli, large cheeks.
  • We make the skin elastic, compact, saturated with oxygen, improve its texture.

And in ICOONE there is a medical unit with which you can treat:

  • treat joint inflammation, reduce pain and relieve swelling,
  • improve the appearance of the scar and subcutaneous tissue after surgery,
  • remove muscle spasms and even fight intestinal problems.

In a word, everyone needs ICOONE LASER!
The uniqueness of vacuum roller massage lies in a fundamentally new fractional method of tissue processing.
In addition, manufacturers have combined lymphatic drainage and anti-aging effect on the skin in one device. And most importantly, ICOONE massage is a fabulous bliss. Very relaxing, calming, but at the same time gives such a surge of strength, as if after a good vacation.

I chose carefully and was not mistaken!

Vasilyeva Ekaterina
Founder of ARTLEOCLINIC, Candidate of Medical Sciences, dermatovenerologist-trichologist, transfusiologist, author of FULL LIFT.


Do you know what procedures the doctors of my Doctor Zubareva Clinic choose for themselves?

Of course, everything is very individual, you will say and you will be right – in preventive medicine it does not happen otherwise. But when it comes to prolonging youth, we always name the TOP 3 procedures, the effect of which is noticeable immediately!

Number 1: ICOONE is the most modern hardware massage that will make you a chiseled figure and elastic smooth skin like a dolphin. Who knows, will understand. ICOONE works on the face and body and provides a quick targeted effect on fat deposits, resistant to diets and exercises. If you can’t cope with a local problem area for a long time, ICOONE is what you need. For global weight loss tasks, ICOONE is also suitable, because it stimulates metabolism and cellular activity.

Bonus – feeling great!

Natalia Zubareva
Doctor of Preventive and Anti-aging medicine, Internist, nutritionist, nutritionist, Doctor of the red zone, author of three bestsellers of the “Waltz of Hormones” series, Founder of the Mentalife platform, Student of IFM (Institute
for functional medicine), Scientific editor of foreign medical literature of the publishing house “AST”